Mirrors and Mirror wraps


by Framers Outlet

Easy,elegant and affordable.

We can make you a beautiful framed mirror  in any of our hundreds of  frame styles.We also have the new system for attaching a frame to your existing mounted mirror.

Give that old builder installed bathroom mirror a new and beautiful look for less.

                                       * Hide those worn mirror Edges .
                                       * Compliment your new Fixtures.
                                       * Match your new bath Decor.       

          Quality  and style at      affordable  wholesale  prices.

We have a system that gives you a large selection of both quality wood and the new beautiful ,durable and economical polystyrene frame styles where you simply use the pre- attached tape to mount to the front of your existing already installed bathroom mirrors. The results are sure to have you smiling into that beautiful new looking mirror.

Simply peel the tape, place the frame over the face of the mirror , when it is where you want it, push  down on the mirror hold briefly and a new look is there.

Easy,elegant and affordable.