Art Glass

Art Glass protects and allows your colors to show in beautiful clarity.   Sold by the cut piece.  To price odd sizes choose next size up from your dimensions.(See product information below price chart)

size                                                                                                   price per sheet

AG1216 $15
AG1620 $15
AG2228 $38
AG2436 $45
AG3240 $69
AG3240 $69


UltraVue® glass offers the same superior anti-reflective properties you’ve come to expect from Tru Vue, on a water white substrate. This high-quality, anti-reflective glass product provides 70% UV protection and is optically coated to create a nearly invisible finish. Similar to its other anti-reflective products, Tru Vue uses its proprietary coating process using Magnetron Sputtering technology, which deposits precisely controlled layers of highly energized metal oxides onto a 2mm, water white substrate, to produce the UltraVue product.